Conquer Your OCD Course

Ready to reclaim your life from OCD?

Join countless others who've found relief and empowerment through our proven Conquer Your OCD course.

What you'll get:

  • The most essential mindsets necessary to reclaim your life from OCD
  • The evidence-based tools to break free from intrusive thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck
  • The holistic wellness skills to optimize both your brain and body health
    • Guided meditations specifically for OCD to help calm your mind
    • Digital copy of my book, You’re Not Alone
    • Essential supplements and nutrition guides to enhance your recovery

Crafted by myself, with thorough review and endorsement from licensed OCD therapist, Carly Samach. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If my course isn't the perfect fit for your needs, I'll refund you your money within the first 30 days no questions asked.


What People Are Saying:

This course truly helped change my life. Zach talks about OCD in a real, relatable way that breathes confidence and clarity into your recovery journey. Going through the lessons, I found myself better able to let go of self-doubt and rise above the noise of OCD. I gained the foundation I needed to become the best version of myself - the version that isn’t defined by OCD and is motivated to keep growing everyday. Zach’s inspiration made this possible and I couldn’t recommend his program more.

Matthew B.

I am so thankful that I purchased your course because you’re so real with how to reclaim your life from OCD. It is the first time I can say with confidence after hearing about agreement, becoming an actor, etc that I know this is going to work.

Blake P.

Your course has been so incredibly helpful, I learned things that I hadn’t learned in therapy yet, and it was an essential layer in educating myself about OCD. Thank you thank you!!!!

Britney M.

I just finished your course! It was so insanely helpful and I am so grateful you have made such an in depth resource for us. Thank you for putting in the hard work with yourself so you could help us do the same!

Olivia Y.

$697.00 USD